Aries Yeo
Personal Development Coach
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
United Kingdom
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Personal Development
Stress Management
Working Parent
Work-Life Balance
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Qualified Personal Development Coach; Neuro-Lingustics Programming Practitioner; DISC personality profiling; Clean Language Facilitator

Aries stepped into coaching after leaving her corporate world – banking of over 2 decades.  She is a passionate advocate and leader of diversity and inclusion where she was the exco member of the Financial Women Association of Singapore for over 7 years.  She continued in her active participation as the ACE Mentor for minorities in the UK under the Change Grow Live organisation as well as the solution focus coach with Project5, the non-profit organisation supporting NHS health and care workers.
Her coaching style is deep and enriching as she listen very deeply to what is said and not said and when she reflected and asked –  it enables you to see what you haven’t been able to see before, breaking down your ambivalence if any, understanding your unmet needs,  overcoming the perfection, and many more.   She allows you to step fully into your very own power of self.

Power of Stepping into Yourself
That it may not be an easy journey but if there is total sincerity on the client’s part then Aries will be able to pinpoint the direction needed for a powerful experience. That there is no getting stuck on stories or particular issues but of creating an awareness of the whole person so that you begin to see

The coaching has helped me discover my core values which I now use as a benchmark for making decisions and seeing where situations and connections can be improved. This has led me to a much greater understanding to how I ‘tick’ and what is important to me. Prior to the coaching  I was living my life according to different values and wondering why I was not so happy. Through working with Aries many blockages have come up that I have now let go of. This has had a knock on effect on dealing with family issues, moving home, starting new relationships and improving my confidence in a year where the world has come to a standstill with the pandemic.”
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