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Hey, you’ve probably heard the saying, “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans” right? Well, let’s imagine a scenario. You’re all set, working hard to meet your goals, and suddenly, a family member gets really sick. What do you do? Just push through? For most of us, that’s not even a choice. We’re human, after all, and that means we care, we love. But then, what happens to our work performance? Hitting those targets becomes a lot tougher, doesn’t it?

Empathy in the Workplace

This image represents the importance of empathy in the workplace.

Now, think about if someone in your team is going through this. You see their performance dipping. Do you jump straight into a “why are your numbers down” talk? Remember, they’re not just a cog in the machine, ticking off KPIs. They’re a person, likely with something big going on. This is where empathy, the ability to put yourself in their shoes, becomes crucial. It’s the heart of true leadership.

More Than Just Workers

Our team members are more than just workers – they’re people with lives outside of work. How we, as leaders, connect with them can really impact their sense of safety and trust in us and the company. It can make a big difference in how engaged they are and the extra effort they put in. So, as a leader, you have a choice. Do you go with the “hit your numbers or else” approach, or do you show some understanding and ask, “Hey, your numbers are down. Is everything alright? I’m concerned about you.” Simon Sinek talks a lot about these two different styles.

Are You Truly Empathetic as a Leader?

You know, as a leader, you might pat yourself on the back and think, “Yeah, I’m pretty empathetic.” But hold on a sec – what does your team think? Ever wondered if they see things differently? Why might that be?

Here’s a cool idea: running a 360 feedback session. It’s like a reality check, giving you the real scoop on how your leadership style is hitting home.

Learning from the Pros: What’s Your Leadership Style?

I often recommend a nifty article from Harvard Business Review to my clients. It’s an eye-opener that asks a juicy question: “Is it better to be loved, or feared?” Picture this: four different ways to engage with your team, each with its own vibe, mixing up how strong or warm you come across. It’s like choosing your character in a video game – each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Self-Check: Are You the Leader You Think You Are?

So, how sure are you about your empathy level? And is your go-to style really working for you? If you’re scratching your head, don’t sweat it. That’s where I come in. Let’s team up and set up a 360. We’ll pick a bunch of folks who’ll give you the straight talk, no sugarcoating.

Diving Into the Feedback: Let’s Make Sense of It All

This image represents the importance of flipping the script from a numbers-driven to an empathy-driven leadership style.

Once we have the 360 report, we’ll play detective – spotting the gaps, figuring out the whys, and brainstorming on flipping the script. Think about it: all that effort and energy you’re putting in, it’s all linked to how well you’re doing with your KPIs. Why leave it to chance?

15 Years of Coaching Wisdom at Your Service

A bit about me – I’m not just some random coach. With 15 years of experience and a bag full of qualifications, I’ve helped hundreds of leaders like you. From uncovering blind spots to seizing new opportunities, I’m all about helping you transform awareness into action. Let’s make you the kind of leader everyone raves about – a radically human leader!

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