Meet the Coaches: Aries Yeo

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Meet the Coaches: Aries Yeo

Aries Yeo is a Certified Personal Development Coach, with accreditations from ICF and also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, DISC personality profiling and Clean Language Facilitation.

Aries came to coaching after two decades working as a banker, and she uses that experience to help better understand her coaching clients. This enables her to create a very personal connection with her clients, combining her professional coaching training with real life experience.

Who does Aries Yeo work with?

Aries coaches women from the late thirties in the financial sector. By focusing on individuals who face similar circumstances that she has faced, she believes she can offer a deep level of understanding and ultimately provide more value to her clients. 

Her approach is centred on identity, and the importance of finding clarity in one’s values. “As a woman, we often put others’ needs before our own,” she explains. “But there comes a point where you have to start asking: ‘where do I fit in that equation?’”

How does Aries Yeo help her clients?

Listening deeply and intentionally, reflecting upon what the clients have said has enabled her to ask provoking questions that help her clients to go deep within themselves, to unrevealed even those blind spots.

“When you’re not sure who you are or what you want, obstacles are much harder to overcome,” she says. “This is usually why people have problems with procrastination or poor decision-making – they just don’t know who they are. But when you know, and you align your values with your actions, you will always bounce back.” 

She says this is true of everything in one’s life, not just work. While her coaching is geared towards professionals facing specific career challenges, she also finds her clients benefit hugely in their personal lives from having great clarity of purpose and self-knowledge.

How does she approach the coaching process?

Aries’ coaching style is built upon a practice of deep listening; she says this allows her to reflect on what her clients are saying and help them see themselves in a new light. That can mean breaking down ambivalences; understanding unmet needs; overcoming perfectionism, and tackling issues of self-worth head-on. 

In her early sessions with a client, Aries focuses on ‘value elicitation’, wherein she asks her clients difficult questions to make sense of their strongest values. Once this is clear, she will work on how those values are put into action, and what a client’s true priorities are. 

Ultimately, Aries believes that coaching should be part of an individual’s personal journey. By addressing those beliefs which limit an individual’s ability to thrive, she hopes to help women become more themselves and more in control of their own lives.

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