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Greg Dalton holds qualifications in Career, Life & Business Coaching; Psychology; Education Psychology; and Gestalt Therapy. He is also a certified practitioner with Thomas International. 

Greg works with three different client groups: employees, employers and students.

His approach with each is carefully calibrated to their specific needs, and he has been working as a professional coach for over 18 years.

How does Greg Dalton help employees?

Greg works with employees at all levels. “It doesn’t matter what rung of the ladder they’re at,” he says. “Sometimes they’re not on the ladder at all – and that’s why they need coaching!”

This often means working with people who feel “trapped” in their life. Greg helps such individuals identify a path forward, as opposed to living in the past. “My coaching is all about action,” he explains. “I’m most interested in what people are actually going to do about things.”

The course of action employees need to take can be overwhelming: they may need to change organizations or completely retrain. But Greg focuses on breaking this journey down into manageable pieces – ultimately ensuring his clients can slowly build towards the life they really want.

How does Greg Dalton help students?

Greg also works with students – from 16 years of age. His role is to help them determine a suitable career. “90% of the students that come to me have no idea what they want to do with their lives,” he says.

“They’re faced with this major decision that they have to identify a type of career as most suitable for them, based on the number of points that they get in an exam,” he says. But most people of that age are more interested in short-term pursuits like relationships and socialising. 

“I help them first identify what their interests are,” Greg says. “What are their skills, their interests and capabilities? Then we identify if it’s a suitable career path, or more likely to be a hobby.”

Ultimately, Greg believes this helps his student clients not only plan for their future careers, but also think about their future lives in a more holistic and healthy way.

How does Greg Dalton help employers?

Greg works with employers to refine their recruitment process. This consists of analysing the role they are looking to fill, and then identifying the kind of individuals that will best fill the role. 

This is really about aligning candidates with both the job itself and the company’s culture and aspirations. The result is a substantial saving on recruitment costs over time.

“I’ve worked with a number of large medium to large organizations where I’ve reduced the churn rate or the attrition rate of their staff,” he says. “In one instance, it took me about nine months to do it. But working with that organization reduced it from over 57% down to just 4%.”

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