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Una McGoey is an accredited coach with over two decades of experience in financial services. She has a range of qualifications in financial services, sales, Business Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management and Mindfulness. 

Una uses this eclectic range of skills to enable her clients to adapt to change, understand themselves better and thrive.

Who does Una McGoey work with?

Una works with a range of leaders, from business owners to executives. She says one of the most common challenges her clients face is dealing with change. 

The specifics of this vary – at the time of writing, for example, getting people back into the office is a major issue. But what unites her clients is a need for support around Emotional Intelligence and motivation.

How does Una McGoey help her clients?

Una focuses on Emotional Intelligence with many of her clients, helping them adapt to whatever specific challenge they are facing. Self-awareness is key here, both in terms of motivation and personality. 

“You have to understand what drives them,” she explains. From there, a whole host of things can be achieved – from improved performance and communication to better team dynamics and less absenteeism.

She helps leaders understand their teams in the same way: “how do you motivate staff? What gets them out of bed in the morning?” These things, Una believes, produce better leadership and higher-performing teams.

How does Una McGoey approach coaching?

Una uses a variety of techniques to help her clients better understand themselves, from growth models to psychometric testing. When working on specific skills, she will do regular assessments to see whether skills have been habituated and learned properly – and then review and recheck.

However, there is no strict formula and Una always devises a unique plan for each of her clients based on their needs. “I don’t have a specific script,” she explains. “I like to use my intuition as much as possible. Because I have to adapt as well, as a coach.”

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