What Is A Behavioral Coach And Why Do I Need One?

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What Is Behavioral Based Coaching?

If you’ve tried to break a habit you’ve seen how difficult it can be to achieve the change. If you’re trying to get rid of the unhealthy behavior you’ve been practicing for years or adopt a healthier one, it’s just difficult enough.

Plans fail. Resolutions disappear. Then, before you know it you’re back in the same routine.

Do you recognize yourself?

If you’ve had this experience, be assured that you’re not failing… And you’re definitely not the only one. It’s a part of the human nature. But what you might not realize is that each when you attempt to change your life it’s a battle that’s an invisible battle in your brain.

Then why does that happen?

Have you ever heard the expression “neurons that fire together, wire together”? What does it mean is that patterns of thought and behaviour create links within the brain. The more neurons that light up simultaneously the more deep the groove becomes.

Let’s consider a basic example. If you tend to press the snooze button whenever your alarm goes off, your brain is programmed to react this way… even without considering it.

The way you think about, experience and do throughout the day is influenced by your subconscious more frequently than we think.

Are you surprised to discover that nearly 50 percent of your decisions every day are made through “auto-pilot”? It’s true! Neurobiologists have conducted studies as well as cognitive psychologists have found that anywhere from 40% and 90 percent in human behavior is routine.

From scrubbing our teeth to rushing to the supermarket It’s not often “all there” “… which is because of nature. Through repetition, the brain generates shortcuts – autonomic responses that develop over time through the associated learning. This is the reason we can go about the many tasks that we do every day without stopping to consider each one.

Human brains are efficient This is fantastic! It can also help clarify why it is difficult to alter the approach to thinking.

How do you change your mind?

Because of the research conducted in the area of neuroscience. We have a great deal of knowledge about how our brain functions. It is also clear that permanent transformation requires changes in the way we think. This isn’t always a straight line.

If you’re seeking to change an action or develop the foundation for a New habit begins within your head!

How We Think Change Works:

  • You experience an epiphany
  • You can successfully change unwanted behaviours
  • You keep on implementing more and better behaviours every single day
  • You’ve changed now and will never repeat the same patterns ever again!

How Change Actually Works:

  • You gain awareness
  • You make mistakes and then be successful, stumble and then learn while you learn new ways of doing things
  • You continue to grow and stretch as new challenges present themselves
  • The awareness you gain is different that you’d like to change and then repeat the process

It turns out that it’s not “willpower” that is our most reliable method for making changes It’s awareness. The process of developing awareness is where behavior coaching can be a key factor!

One of the advantages of coaching for behavior is that it will help to change the way your brain works. The scientific term used to describe the process can be described as neuroplasticity. It’s the process that can allow us to break previous thought patterns within the brain in order that we can make different decisions.

What is a behavior coach?

A behavior coach assists individuals make changes in their behavior and thoughts. They can do this employing a variety tools, such as:

  • Raising awareness
  • Positive psychology interventions
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Reframing
  • goal setting
  • Experiential learning

A variety of coaching specialties deal with behavior change and they are likely to employ certain of these methods.

What is the role of behavioral coaches?

Coaching is a strength-based approach to change behavior, and generally begins by clarifying the client’s objective or vision for the future. Then, a plan is created to assist the client reach the desired state of mind.

In the process of success, it’s quite likely that the person will come across roadblocks and hurdles. When coaching, these are the most crucial times suitable for developing understanding and awareness!

If the motivation wane or things don’t go according plans, that’s when the coach takes to use a mirror and flashlight. Together, client and coach examine what’s getting stuck and discover where unconscious behaviors or beliefs might be lurking.

Cognitive behavior coaching

CBT is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy. (CBT) is a method to identify these patterns. Based on Healthline The theory behind CBT is our thoughts affect our mood which, in turn, affects the way we behave.

Unchecked, negative emotions can hinder from our capacity to build understanding, come up with solutions to our problems and remain focused on the goals we wish to achieve.

One technique of cognitive behavior therapy which is often employed in coaching is the reframe. If a negative thought is identified, the coach works with the client to change that belief to an idea that’s more positive or supportive.

The aim of reframing or other CBT interventions isn’t to omit or minimize the difficult experiences and emotions that occur in our lives. The job of a behavior coach is to assist their clients recognize unhelpful thoughts and then explore ways to deal with them more effectively.

What’s the difference between behavioral therapy and coaching?

Although coaching can involve the use of interventions and techniques from the field psychology, it’s not therapy.

Therapists and counselors are the only professionals competent to diagnose and determine mental illness. This is a specialized therapy of psychotherapy and completely out of the scope of the practice of life coaches.

Coaching is based on a baseline of mental and emotional well-being.

The emphasis of behavioral coaching is on the future and present. If a coach is not certified or has special training and certification They are not able to tackle mental health issues or trauma-related stress disorders.

Need more information regarding this issue? Read The Difference Between Therapy and Life Coach.

What are the advantages of coaching behavior?

Coaches are hired for many reasons, including:

  • Career change & advancement
  • Find a way to recover from a breakup or start a new one.
  • Find new friends and create a community
  • Enhance fitness and improve your health
  • Find meaning, purpose and personal growth
  • Start a business or grow it

According to the International Coach Federation’s Global Consumer Awareness Study individuals who have worked with a coach experience a variety of positive outcomes across all areas.

Results reported from working with a coach:

  • Better communication
  • Increased self-esteem/self-confidence
  • Improved productivity
  • Performance optimized
  • Better work/life balance

The benefits of coaching with behavioral principles are:

  • Increased awareness of thinking that is problematic as it develops
  • Techniques for changing thoughts and creating positive feelings
  • Learning new habits and conquering obstacles
  • Progressing towards goal-setting

How do I become a behavioral coach

If you’re not certified as a coach, the initial step should be to look the coaching programs available and choose the best one for your needs.

Coaching is an expanding field and there are plenty of choices of training programs available.

Like every other investment you make, it’s a good idea to research your options. Find out what you’re looking for and get the most you can about various software. Costs can vary, and so will the quality. Read review, post questions and discover what’s on the market.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

We are Lumia Coaching, we offer an life coach education program which is based on scientifically-based and behavioral coaching methods. Learn from authentic coaches who are committed to helping you discover your own path within the field of coaching. If you’re interested in taking the next step towards International Coach Federation (ICF) certification the Signature program will prepare you for the process.

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