Clients With Good Chemistry — Laura’s Coaching Story

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Most beneficial feature?

‘It was definitely the ability to take bookings over the system and message back and forth. And then be able to coach, via web video. It just meant that I saved a lot of time in terms of communicating with the client back and forth to arrange our sessions’.

Benefits from Upskill Coach?

‘It was a great opportunity to put my profile out there and for clients to come and visit the platform. To look at all the coaches profiles and choose which one resonated with them most. So as a result, I got to coach a lot of clients that I’ve felt we had good chemistry with to start with. So that worked for them obviously and for myself as a coach.  Secondly, then it was the ability to coach clients kind of consecutively. So when you’re normally coaching people, face to face or in person, while there are definitely benefits to that, coaching by Upskill Coach meant that I could be more efficient with my time and coach more than a couple of clients in a morning, for example, without kind of using up time travelling to and from our sessions.  I think there’s probably another benefit was the payments system was actually really smooth because it was all done via the platform. So that works really well for me as a coach’.

Worried about coaching online?

‘No, there hasn’t actually been any and maybe I didn’t think about it enough.  There were no concerns really before. Potentially just the having a third party involved in the coaching, but, no, generally no, there was no concern’.

Would you recommend Upskill Coach to other coaches?

‘Yes, definitely. I’d recommend Upskill Coach to other coaches.  It’s a brilliant platform for marketing, Upskill Coach does the marketing on behalf of the client or of coaches. It takes away that kind of element of having to spend time marketing when you’d rather be coaching. So yeah, I think that it’s worth it for that.  And then also for other benefits like the payment system and the messaging platform. To chat with your clients between sessions.  And also then just being able to coach over the web video on the same plot or on the Upskill Coach platform itself’.

What did you like the most?

‘There was one time when I had three sessions booked consecutively and ordinarily that just wouldn’t be feasible if you were trying to meet clients around the city for example.  So I thought it was really beneficial and it just allowed me to be way more efficient with my time.  It worked pretty well in that instance in particular’.

How was the support?

‘Customer support was brilliant. It was always really,  proactive in terms of looking for feedback and any issues that I had with the platform were dealt with really, really thoroughly and really fast as well. So, yeah, customer support, it was great to know that they were there all the time’.

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