Serena Martino
Performance Coach
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Areas of specializations
Business Strategy
Digital Marketing
Intercultural Leadership
Personal Development
Stress Management
Time Management
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15+ years of business experience in Leadership, Marketing, Operations and Product roles.

I Help Leaders and Senior Professionals to thrive and create empowered teams. I work with a direct and effective coaching approach, focusing both on personal development and tangible results as part of the experience. Working through self discovery and getting clarity of the real current challenges, we make an effective action plan to be 100% successful.

I am a ICF Certified Coach + ACE Coach Accelerator Enhanced Practitioner, I am very passionate and curious in everything I do.

Previously to coaching I have covered roles in all different areas of business. I have a deep knowledge of the Tech, E-commerce and Travel industries. I have worked with many people and teams, not only as a leader but also as a consultant for hundreds of clients to help with their online presence and business strategy.

Holding several leadership roles, I have been helping individuals to find their hidden skills to progress in their career with courage. My main goal has always been to empower each individual to develop successfully. I have been trained and coached small and big distributed teams with different skill sets.

I am a firm believer that finding intrinsic motivation of each team, not only will boost morale and performance but will have a direct correlation with long term positive business results.
I am an advocate of the remote first workplace, having spent over a decade working successfully with people in all parts of the globe.

I consider myself a global citizen, having lived, worked and traveled in several countries. I constantly get inspired by people from different cultures, I learn to appreciate how we are all different and all the same at once.

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