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Claude Warner is a qualified leadership and executive coach, with expertise in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Enneagram personality models and Integral Theory. 

Claude considers himself a “builder of people”, helping clients to flourish not just in their professional endeavours, but also in their personal lives.

Who does Claude Warner work with?

Claude works primarily with individuals in leadership roles, across a variety of sectors, both private and public. He has worked with people in areas as diverse as Manufacturing, IT and Local Government.

“Often my clients don’t have a specific challenge they’re facing,” he says. “The coaching is more an opportunity to stand back and examine themselves, to see what they’re doing well and what they could improve. And most importantly, how they could think differently about things, as mindsets influence our  approaches and actions.”

Claude Warner is a Hay Group licenced ESCI administrator

How does Claude Warner help his clients?

Claude says his biggest successes have been with leaders who are the exact opposite of him – “hard-charging executives who aren’t always good listeners and are often very impatient.” 

By counteracting these tendencies, Claude helps them reflect on why they behave this way, ultimately allowing them to become more vulnerable and open. “I create a space where people can feel accepted,” he explains. “I’m a gentle presence, and that helps them feel safe and at ease.”

His practice aims to tackle his clients “limiting assumptions” and to become more self-aware. His clients develop “a greater understanding of themselves, and become more aware of the person that they’re engaging with – they learn to slow down, pause and then engage”.

How does Claude Warner approach the coaching process?

Claude says coaching begins with mindset. “The first thing is to discover where they’re coming from,” he says. “There are different models we can use to locate that mindset and see where they position themselves. Then we say, “Okay, how do you relate to those mindsets?’”

This process of “meta-cognitive” appraisal builds the foundation for greater self-awareness and self-control. By understanding how they think and respond, Claude can slowly improve his clients’ “mental toolbox”.

Ultimately though, he believes this all relies on a level of psychological safety – and that is where his real gifts are. “The main thing I have,” he says, “is the ability to create a very warm, welcome and supportive presence. But one that moves gently forward, too.”

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