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Katie da Gama is a qualified Executive Coach and Professional Development specialist with over 20 years of experience in senior positions in the legal profession. 

Katie offers 1:1 coaching, team & group coaching, leadership development and facilitated workshops. She has helped numerous clients to achieve promotions, build self-confidence and thrive in their chosen fields.

Who does Katie da Gama work with?

Katie works with both senior clients and team members, helping them to develop leadership skills and navigate the challenges of the contemporary workplace. 

By working individually with all members of a team, Katie is able to offer a broader perspective on team challenges and thereby help her clients to develop a much greater awareness of how they impact those around them.

How does Katie da Gama help her clients?

While Katie deals with a wide variety of coaching topics, she says a few common themes come up again and again – the most prevalent of which is the question of how to be a better leader.

Katie believes a lot of day to day concerns that people face often stem from more deeply rooted behaviours. While many of her clients experience imposter syndrome in their role, for example, this may be as a result of some more fundamental challenge that they need to unearth and resolve.

Her coaching, therefore, focuses on locating those patterns of behaviour and thought, and then finding ways to challenge these within a psychologically safe and non-judgmental space. 

“Coaching isn’t about changing people,” she says. “It’s about understanding who the person is; accepting that; and then working to gain deeper self-awareness that leads to a more fulfilling, happier existence.”

How does Katie da Gama approach coaching?

For Katie, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to coaching. “Some clients, because of time restrictions, want more of a high-level action plan,” she explains. “But then others prefer to get much deeper and to explore more fully what it is that might be preventing them from getting to the place that they want to be.”

“A lot of work I do starts with awareness,” she continues. “How do the people you work with see you? How do you impact your team? What are your strengths and areas for development?”

Once that awareness is established, then Katie works with her client on increasing the understanding and using it to enhance both the clients’ own development and the development of those around them. 

Ultimately, coaching is “a space for people to understand who they are at the moment, and determine where they want to be in the future.”

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