What Can a Career Coach Do For You?

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Simply put, Career Coaching is guidance, while it’s technically not counselling, it most certainly can be therapeutic. It’s getting the help you need to figure out what career is most suited to you, and the support and help you need to get to where you want to be.

career coach is there to assess, challenge, question and then coach you through any and to overcome whatever challenges you’re facing in your career or job identification and ultimately your search.

A career coach works with you in setting realistic ‘SMART’ goals, help you identify and develop action plans, build confidence, motivated.

If you liken it to sports coaching where an athlete’s or teams are looking at the end goal of winning an event, league, trophy etc. The coach sets out a plan for the season ahead and coaches the team or athlete through the season and helps them to the best of their ability in achieving their aims or goals.

You, however, are the one in charge; in charge of your decisions, actions and career by changing what way you approach or act, from what it is today to something you’ve always wanted or dreamed of…. your definitive career and goals.

To benefit from career coaching, you must be willing to be coached, open to new ideas, willing to make changes, welcome constructive feedback, and ready to act. Results come from doing, making sure all your hard work and efforts pay off.

What a career coach can and will do for you?

1.     Challenge and motivate you to do your best

2.     Support you each step of the way

3.     Provide you with feedback

4.     Support you when times get challenging

5.     Be honest and upfront

6.     Hold you accountable

Career coaching will only benefit you if you are…

1.     Ready to make the commitment

2.     Ready and willing to embrace change and do the work

3.     Willing to let your coach do the coaching

4.     Willing to look at new ideas or new and various ways of doing things

5.     Prepared to change self-limiting behaviors

6.     Serious about moving forward and making modifications to reach your goals

Your career coach should tell it like it is, not letting you quit when it comes to obstacles during the processes. It’s like a great idea…. No idea made money; it was the action of doing which became successful…. No action, no results.

A career coach is your personal activist; is there to support and guide you through your challenges.

Now that you understand what career coaching is about, it’s time to ‘JFDI’ for you!

This blog is written by Greg Dalton. Book a 15-minute free introductory call with Greg today.

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