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In this blog, we discuss what career coaching is and why you need career coaching. Many individuals believe that career coaching is only useful after you have applied for dozens of applications and are in desperate need of a job. While it would be a good time to find a career coach, they can help with many other career crossroads. Particularly after reeling from major life changes such as returning to work after having kids. They can also be just as valuable for helping clients make the most out of their job and the opportunities at the company he or she already works for. 

If your game plan is to send out resumés and hope for the best, you’ll quickly find that the old ways of approaching this kind of challenge aren’t working today. So how do you know when to ask for help? Whether you’re a graduate, changing careers, stuck in a rut, looking for a promotion or re-entering the workforce. The right time to get a career coach is when you’re not making the progress you need to make in finding the dream career you truly want

While career coaching may focus on career advancement or the development of certain abilities, you will also find ways to do more work that you benefit from and eliminate the habits that make you unhappy at a job. It may require the help of a professional to get there.

Signs why you need career coaching 

Signs why you need career coaching 
  • To learn more about yourself and your strengths, so that you can better articulate them to an employer.
  • For that “push” you need for many this is why you need career coaching. You need someone to push you to work harder on your search (not all of us are self-motivated).
  • To develop needed skills in the job search such as networking or interviewing.
  • To obtain a better work-life balance or deal with issues related to promotion or success in the workplace.
  • Help to figure out what career will utilize your biggest strengths, and offers you the right balance of personal satisfaction, financial compensation, and time flexibility that you need to enjoy your life.
  • Your path to success isn’t clear. Some sectors have so many subsectors and functions that it can be difficult for job seekers to figure out the optimal path.
  • To improve your resume and cover letter. The power of your resume lies not just in the message but in how you communicate it.
  • You don’t know your own potential. This is possibly the biggest reason why you need career coaching. Your capabilities go beyond what you learned in college or in your last couple of jobs, but you may not realize it.
  • You’re not a cookie-cutter candidate. Your work experience may be valuable but varied. Your skillset may be strong but very specific, and you may not fit in the cookie-cutter language of human resources in a large corporation.

For all these reasons, getting a coach may not be a luxury but a very smart career move.

Why Career Coaching Is Your Secret Weapon

You might think it’s just for folks knee-deep in job applications, but it’s a whole lot more. Picture this: Sarah, a stay-at-home mom for years, felt lost getting back to work. Enter her career coach, who helped her craft a killer resume that highlighted her parenting skills as valuable assets. Result? She landed a role that celebrated both her professional and personal strengths.

Real-Life Wins with Coaching

Then there’s Joe. He had a knack for tech but was drowning in a mundane job. With coaching, he navigated a career switch, turning his passion into a thriving tech career. These real-life stories? They’re the vivid colors on the canvas of how career coaching isn’t just about job hunting. It’s a game-changer for exploring strengths, acing interviews, or even mastering the art of work-life balance.

Signs You Need a Boost

Ever felt like you’re in a professional rut or staring at a career crossroads? That’s your cue for a coach. They’re the Sherlock to your career mystery, helping you decode your potential, revamp your resume, and prep you for that dream job interview.

Why you need career coaching when you’re applying

Why you need career coaching when you’re applying

career coach can accelerate your job search. Hiring a career coach can reduce the time it takes to find a job.

They reduce your time between positions. A coach will help you identify methods for applying for jobs and solutions that are proven to work. Therefore they can help you transition between positions faster. Career coaches have the knowledge you need to cut out the uncertainty about what steps to take next and where to put your time and energy. They will prepare with you and teach you how to present yourself so that you stand out among the applicants.

They identify & leverage your strengths. Career coaching gives you an advantage because it creates an understanding of your strengths and skills so you can highlight these in an interview situation or when networking. A coach works with you to create a tailored marketing strategy. This will help you stand out when applying for a job and grab the attention of the interviewer. You will create a personalised and concise resume and cover letter, and a LinkedIn profile that conveys your successes, competencies, and achievements to targeted employers and sets you apart.

They help you network more effectively. A certified coach will help you network. They will help you identify opportunities in your existing relationships that can help you on your career path. They will help you create a networking plan, including where/when to network and how to present yourself when you’re networking.

How Coaching Works Wonders

A coach isn’t just a mentor; they’re your career magician. They fine-tune your job-hunting skills, polish your networking game, and coach you on landing a salary that screams, “I’m worth it!” They’re like your secret weapon in the battlefield of career progression.

Prepping for Success

Imagine this: Sarah’s coach prepped her to answer tough interview questions, helping her communicate her skills and experiences with confidence. Joe’s coach guided him on negotiating a better salary, making sure he didn’t undersell his worth. These success stories? They’re like the golden nuggets in the treasure chest of career coaching.

Why you need career coaching to prepare for the interview

Why you need career coaching to prepare for the interview

They teach you how to answer tough interview questions. Executive recruiters ask complex in-depth questions. They help you prepare for the difficult questions before you’re walking into the interview. Preparation is key both for managing the interview well, and also to reduce the level of stress and anxiety before. Intensive Interview Coaching can be a good help in building confidence and self-esteem before an interview. It makes the difference between a good interview and a successful job offer.

They can teach you how to negotiate a higher salary. Negotiation starts before you walk into the interview. Your interactions with managers and team members before the negotiation is also important. Through career coaching, you will develop the skills to confidently negotiate the salary and work conditions you want.

They keep it all relative. Your coach will ensure that you are telling the right story through your bio, resume and LinkedIn profile. They will help you identify opportunities that suit you, and prioritise based on your interests and skills.

They hold you accountable. Often, we get busy and let our deadlines slip or lose contact with the inspiration that we had when we first set a goal. A coach will keep those objectives in mind for you and make sure you remain on track to reach them. 

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Invest in yourself

A career coach can show you how to invest in yourself. A financial investment in your career coach will be an expression of your commitment to yourself. Even if you’re on a tight budget, spending the money can light a fire under you. Find out here how much a career cost could cost. It will make you more focused and more directed. Strengthening your commitment to finding a job so that it’s evident also to hiring managers and recruiters.

By working with a coach you’ll get crystal clear on your values and your priorities both at home and at work. Together you’ll set goals in each area of your life and map out ways of achieving these. A coach will help you overcome any obstacles you may face on your journey.

Transformation for you

Think of coaching as a power-up button for your career. Even if your budget’s tight, investing in a coach can ignite that spark. It’s not just about landing a job; it’s about showing the world how serious you are about your growth.

Your Journey with a Coach

Working with a coach isn’t just about landing a job; it’s about discovering your values, setting life goals, and overcoming obstacles. They’re your partner, not just in professional success, but in becoming the best version of yourself.

Want to learn more about career coaching?

If you want to learn more about career coaching, check out our blog about what career coaching is and what to expect.

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