Coaching Credits – Show Your People They Matter

Coaching Credits empowers people at every level of your organisation to define their own goals, manage their own schedule and focus on the skills they need most. Employers purchase credits from Upskill Coach and distribute them among employees. Employees can then apply them in directly with our coaches in exchange for the services they choose.


How it Works

Upskill Coach’s unique coaching credits system gives your people true control over their development. Organisations simply purchase credits and give them to employees to decide how and when they’d like to learn. Our digital portal and booking system then connects your people directly with industry-leading coaches. So they can learn from the best, without worrying about logistics.

Purchase Coaching Credits

Organisations purchase coaching credits from us, and distribute them amongst their employees.

Select a Coach

Individuals then decide what skills to develop and select a coach and time-slot that suits their schedule.


Free Consultation

Employees can schedule a free 15 minute consultation with one of our industry-leading coaches – to evaluate their needs and establish the fit before they commit.

What Could Coaching Credits Help You Achieve?

Upskill Coach’s Coaching Credits bridges the gap between employee recognition and people development, helping you bring out the best in your people by showing them they matter.

Faster Growth

Companies with a highly engaged workforce are 22% more profitable than their competitors. Coaching Credits help unlock your people’s drive, by putting them in control of their own development and giving them the skills they need to thrive.

Increased Engagement

69% of employees say they’d work harder if they were better appreciated. Coaching Credits lets your people focus on what matters most to them, ensuring they feel appreciated and motivated to succeed.

Improved Retention

94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. Coaching Credits not only demonstrate your investment – they give your people the power to control their own destinies.

Show Your People They Matter

From resilience skills to financial responsibility, our industry-leading coaches provide personalised development programmes that make your people feel valued. If you have any questions regarding our Coaching Credits, our team would be happy to help you.


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