Identifying and Managing Constraints – Leslie’s User Story

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Identifying and Managing Constraints – Leslie’s User Story

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Why Coaching?

‘I wanted to try and focus on one thing over a very short time frame to see if that would have an effect’.

‘Too often, If things are not done over short periods of time with some intensity, there is no change or life interrupts too much. And so I decided to have three sessions with only one week between them, which would mean that I would have to do quite a lot of work in between each session and concentrate quite a lot on what I wanted to deal with’.

What were you looking to achieve?

‘I felt quite excited about starting the coaching sessions on Upskill Coach. It was a different way of doing things for me. And I was looking forward to seeing how that would work’.

‘I planned three sessions over the space of two weeks and hopefully, with the intensity of that, it would have a better effect than spreading out over one per month. What I actually wanted to deal with during that period was very specific with regards to my attitude and thoughts around about money and nothing else’.

Worried about booking a coach online?

‘I have no reservations about booking a coach online. Everything is done online these days. 

I’m quite happy to fill in the information and pass it through systems. I’m used to doing that. That’s the way the world works now’.

What did you like the most?

‘It was easy to keep all of the communication between myself and the coach in one place rather than having to hunt through emails or other bits of communication. And it was easy to see the history and the documents that he sent me to fill in. Just good to have everything in the workplace without me having to waste time going looking for it elsewhere’.

Benefits of coaching?

‘I like the ability to be able to compare coaches side by side. Quite often if I’m looking for services, you’re looking at lots of different people’s websites and in the end, it’s much better to be able to say, OK, these people, I can see them side by side. I can look at the different experiences and I can see what other people have to say about them as well’.

Would you recommend Upskill Coach to a friend?

‘Go and get some coaching now. You really have got no idea what’s going to happen until you actually start. It’s easy to use. You can do it from anywhere. And if you’re travelling with work or business, there’s no problem. All you need your Internet connection. Just do it’.

What did you get from online coaching?

‘So my expectations of working with Dante through Upskill Coach were definitely met. It was interesting to see the invisible constraints that I had placed on myself and to have somebody else be able to point them out and challenge them and help me. I suppose bring stuff into my consciousness. So yeah, it was great’.

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