Coaching Online — Dante’s Coaching Story

MindShift Zone Team,

Most beneficial feature?

‘The ability to coach online. I thought it was fantastic. That’s not something I’ve ever done before. I’ve always done my coaching in person. And I value that because I’m a student of NLP and I know that a large portion of a person’s communication is done not just with their voice and what they say but with their body. I was concerned that if I didn’t have the person directly in front of me then there’d be problems with that and that I wouldn’t be able to read the person or the situation as clearly as I would normally do and that wasn’t an issue at all.

I was quite surprised and delighted to find that it wasn’t any different from doing coaching in person and that really opened my mind up and opened me up to new possibilities that I didn’t consider before’.

Benefits from Upskill Coach?

‘The most obvious benefit is it has widened my reach worldwide as opposed to just in my local community here and that’s fantastic. Getting an opportunity to work with people that you know actually are interested in coaching and can afford coaching and are willing to pay for coaching is fantastic. And that, I’m hoping, in the future is going to allow me to expand my customer base much further than it is now and allow me to build my business even bigger’.

Worried about coaching online?

‘The only concern that I had initially was the fact that my client wouldn’t be directly in front of me.

And perhaps I wouldn’t be able to read that person as effectively but that wasn’t an issue. The only other concern that I have ongoing is: Is this going to continue to bring me in clients on a regular enough basis to warrant keeping it up and I expect that this site will expand and that more coaches will join and there’ll be greater competition, which is fine. It just needs to be profitable from my perspective and from every coach’s perspective. And that’s really my only concern going forward.

Apart from that I just think it’s a fantastic opportunity’.

Would you recommend Upskill Coach to other coaches?

‘I would absolutely because as I said before I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to expand your business, your reach so that you can work with the kind of people that really want to work with you. And that really are interested in developing themselves and that have the money to pay for proper coaching. I found before that you know some person might have an interest in it but might not have any interest in paying for it. And it’s a valuable service and to be able to connect with people that have the money and are willing to pay for that service.

That’s what you need to be successful as a coach. So I think it’s a great opportunity for that, for all coaches’. 

What did you like the most?

‘The customer service was fantastic. The team was great. I had questions. There were some things I didn’t know how to work. For example, Zoom which I had never used before. I had some difficulties with that. And every time I contacted the team I was always met with positivity, as much help as they could possibly give me, sorted out all the problems that I had. And it was fantastic. It’s just a great experience and was a really positive experience for me in every way’.

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MindShift Zone Team

MindShift Zone Team,

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